Sunday, December 30, 2012

Home Made Laundry Soap

Let me start off by saying  I got this recipe from a co-workers mom. There is similar recipes on the internet.. I started using homemade washing powders on November 5, 2012.. and I never turned back. A Co-worker and I decided to make a 6 month batch and split it giving us each 3 months of laundry soap for about $14 each.  I am finishing up month 2 and I still have a whole container to use for Januaray. I have read good and bad about home made recipes some like the purex crystals and oxiclean and some prefer to just use the baking soda, washing powers soap bar and borax. Its really all in preference or if you have skin allergies  I also recommend maybe finding some to split the cost of making the batch like I did  the first time you make it or only preparing half the recipe until you know you like it or in case you have to make changes to it.

Here's a few pics from my soap making adventure.

I grated 2 bars of ZOTE 14oz Bars I know they were under a $1.00ea @ walmart.
This is everything layed out.

1 box of Arm & Hammer Super washing soda 55oz $3.24 @ walmart

1 box of Borax 4lbs. & 12oz box for $3.38 @ walmart

2 bottles of purex crystals $5.4? or 1 bottle 55oz purez crystals

4lbs of baking soda.. i only could find 2 lbs boxes so $2.48 at walmart

I bought the 5lbs bucket at walmart $9.47 but i only used 3lbs of it

Mix it all together.

Thoroughly mix together.

And this is it approx 6 mths of laundry powders use 2 tbs per load it yields approx 180 loads.
I spent less than $2.00 on the Zote bars
$3.24 washing powders from Arm & Hammer
$3.38 borax
$5.49? x2 I used a BOGO coupon otherwise get the 55oz its cheaper Purex
$2.48 baking soda
$7.80 Oxiclean
I spent about $26-27 with tax. so less than $4.50 a month.