Sunday, December 30, 2012

Home Made Laundry Soap

Let me start off by saying  I got this recipe from a co-workers mom. There is similar recipes on the internet.. I started using homemade washing powders on November 5, 2012.. and I never turned back. A Co-worker and I decided to make a 6 month batch and split it giving us each 3 months of laundry soap for about $14 each.  I am finishing up month 2 and I still have a whole container to use for Januaray. I have read good and bad about home made recipes some like the purex crystals and oxiclean and some prefer to just use the baking soda, washing powers soap bar and borax. Its really all in preference or if you have skin allergies  I also recommend maybe finding some to split the cost of making the batch like I did  the first time you make it or only preparing half the recipe until you know you like it or in case you have to make changes to it.

Here's a few pics from my soap making adventure.

I grated 2 bars of ZOTE 14oz Bars I know they were under a $1.00ea @ walmart.
This is everything layed out.

1 box of Arm & Hammer Super washing soda 55oz $3.24 @ walmart

1 box of Borax 4lbs. & 12oz box for $3.38 @ walmart

2 bottles of purex crystals $5.4? or 1 bottle 55oz purez crystals

4lbs of baking soda.. i only could find 2 lbs boxes so $2.48 at walmart

I bought the 5lbs bucket at walmart $9.47 but i only used 3lbs of it

Mix it all together.

Thoroughly mix together.

And this is it approx 6 mths of laundry powders use 2 tbs per load it yields approx 180 loads.
I spent less than $2.00 on the Zote bars
$3.24 washing powders from Arm & Hammer
$3.38 borax
$5.49? x2 I used a BOGO coupon otherwise get the 55oz its cheaper Purex
$2.48 baking soda
$7.80 Oxiclean
I spent about $26-27 with tax. so less than $4.50 a month.

Monday, July 30, 2012



Ok, so the challenge for SVGCUTS.COM was to create something 2D/3D Fall Project. We could  choose any of the 3 kits they listed. I choose Pick a Pumpkin. I made 3 pumpkins all the same size and coordinating colors. Let me tell you it was no easy task getting these cute pumpkins to stay in place.. I tried floral wire and its not strong enough and rice didn't work either, so my husband bent a coat hanger  where it has a circle stand at the bottom and the rest of the hanger is is straight up to insert the pumpkins. Now when putting the pumpkins on  the first one needs a hole poked in the middle of the bottom so it sits in the middle; the middle pumpkin need a hole poked at the bottom on the side of the bottom so that it is at an angle when its inserted on the wire.. same as the top it needs to be angled the other way to finish. Oh and when you put the wire thru the pumpkin, when you put the tops on the pumpkin you need to arrange the top pieces so the allow the wire to stay put ( so in other words work around the wire). Then just clip the extra hanger off the top. I left a small piece you can't see so I can pick it up easier. So this is the instructions, if you have any more questions just leave me a comment on her or on facebook and I will do my best to answer. Thanks for looking.
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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Summer Challenge for SVGCUTS.COM

Hello Peaches,

Well I have made card for WWW.SVGCUTS.COM Summer Challenge.
I must say this card was a labor of love, because I couldn't quit figure out how I wanted it to look. In the end I think its a pretty cute card.

I used the card file from Summer Street Carnival & I used the beach theme from the Wet N Wild Kit to make this card. You can find both of these files on the SVGCUTS WEBSITE.

Thanks for looking :) Have a FANTASTIC week.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Haul from Michaels

I just love paper stacks :)
So the past two days I went to michaels store. I got the new edumacation stack and jolly holiday .... Awesomeness ... Can't wait to play.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

June Challenge for Scrappin Bug Design

This is my June Challenge for Scrappin Bug Design
I used the files Just as Water; & Got Sun Block? for this awesome dooe hanger.

Sunday, June 10, 2012


Hi everyone, I wanted to get my feet wet with a video. So today I spent ohh about 4 hours videoing, downloading.. Still cant get the software to recognize the file. So I just filmed about  the piecing and talked. Hope you enjoy it. :)

Sunday, May 6, 2012

These are the rest of my kids teacher gifts. These cups are for my son's Prek Teachers.

Friday, May 4, 2012


You can find these files @ Little scraps of heaven design.
I used the Chillin Snow Cone & Month of August & DCWV 2012 Summer paper stack from Joanns.

Well I finished another layout today.. It's not exactly how I had it planned, but it turned out ok and I can wait to put pics from the kids eating yummy Dairy Queen ice cream on it. Have an awesome night. :)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Well as school winds down in the next 2 weeks I have started working on layouts for this past year. This one is for my son in Pre-K. 
Book Worm Collection & DCWV Grade School Paper
Bazzill Cardstock, Cat Eye Charcoal Ink
& of course SCAL, Black Cat ( PEARL).

Sorry for the bad photos I was in a hurry. I just love these bookworms. I think this is one of favorite school files, even my daughter asked where was her a layout with the worms... lol So I guess I will be making another layout like this for First Grade too. 

Oh and I drew the mouths on the worms.. they just needed a smile. :)
Enjoy looking. Have a Blessed Day.

Teacher Appreciation Week 2012

So Teacher Appreciation week has arrived and by that I mean I am seriously cranking out some gifts for these 3 fine ladies who has put up with my 2 kiddos for the past 9 months. I can tell my kids have really learned alot this year and I really loved their teachers this year. I have only completed 1 gift so far, but I am working on the other 2 this week. 

I used my new Black Cat Cougar to cut some vinyl. This cup is for my daughters 1st grade teacher, Mrs. West. Hannah picked out the cup and the color of vinyl she wanted. We also filled the cup with pens, chapstick, gum, notepad and crystal light. 

 This was actually easier to make than I had thought once I figured out my machine and got my groove going.
Hope you enjoy looking. I will post the other two after I get them finished. :) Have a great Wednesday.

Unique projects

I am posting some unique projects I made a few months ago .

I made this church box my simply making 2 churches identical and scoring a paper to make the sides and bottom. I purchased the file from Treasure Box Design It call Xmas Village ( Church & Carolers).

I made this the same way i did the church. I think it would be so cute for a gift with some home made cards or recipes. I also purchased this file from Treasure Box Design. The file is called Grandma;s Bake house.

This layout uses a couple different files from Treasure Box Design. The cat & larger fish was a freebie a while back and the rest came from another file.. Sorry I dont have the name in front of me, So I dont remember the name.