Monday, July 30, 2012



Ok, so the challenge for SVGCUTS.COM was to create something 2D/3D Fall Project. We could  choose any of the 3 kits they listed. I choose Pick a Pumpkin. I made 3 pumpkins all the same size and coordinating colors. Let me tell you it was no easy task getting these cute pumpkins to stay in place.. I tried floral wire and its not strong enough and rice didn't work either, so my husband bent a coat hanger  where it has a circle stand at the bottom and the rest of the hanger is is straight up to insert the pumpkins. Now when putting the pumpkins on  the first one needs a hole poked in the middle of the bottom so it sits in the middle; the middle pumpkin need a hole poked at the bottom on the side of the bottom so that it is at an angle when its inserted on the wire.. same as the top it needs to be angled the other way to finish. Oh and when you put the wire thru the pumpkin, when you put the tops on the pumpkin you need to arrange the top pieces so the allow the wire to stay put ( so in other words work around the wire). Then just clip the extra hanger off the top. I left a small piece you can't see so I can pick it up easier. So this is the instructions, if you have any more questions just leave me a comment on her or on facebook and I will do my best to answer. Thanks for looking.
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