Friday, May 29, 2009

I got an award :)

was so kind to give me this award. I want to thank everyone for blog hopping to my blog. I enjoy doing it as much as I enjoy checking out everyone else's creations. Please check out Leanne's blog, just click her name above. Ok so I have to do a few thing to get this reward
1: Thank the person who gave me the award and link to their blog (Completed)
2: List 10 honest things about myself:
1: I am a lover of most all of scrapbooking, paper crafts, stamping and cards.
2:I enjoy being a mother, even though some days are really tough.
3: I love big trucks and cars that drive fast
4: I am blessed to have a great family and a wonderful church.
5: I love gardening and watching things grow, since my green thumb is usually not green, lol.
6: I hate cleaning!!!! But I love to organize.
7: I love finding a new way to use an item and saving money
8: I enjoy shopping for scrapbook stuff and clothes as long as they are on sale
9: I enjoy cooking.
10: I love being healthy and striving to stay that way.

3:Put the award on my blog
4:Pick 7 people to give the award too
Brenda Smith


Thanks again for the Blog Hops, I just love Blog hopping!


  1. awwww thank you sooo much this is making me cry!!! I can't thank you enough for all your support on my blog!! I am all excited about July I will be giving away gifts for my followers each week I am planning on doing a Christmas in July....there is 5 weeks in July so 5 gifts will be given out!
    Thank you again!